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December 15, 1928     Gonzales Weekly Citizen
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December 15, 1928

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THE WINDOW SEAT Am I et J lY office window In the Woodward  It W D. C. I ean look out the WhBe Iioush loumd the bllanee of the eountry. Tbials  ........ &gt;;+<:;.:x x to j0t tsm ,  ineuims udem ! Hogan is? He is the Washinyton law- I fer who defended Fall and Doheny and I I kept them out of their rightful h0me-- I the penitentiary. IIe is the same shrew ed lawyer mho freed Stewart just a few days ago here in Washington from the crime of prejury, when everybody knew Stewart had fled under oath to the Senatte investigating committee. Mr. Hogan i the man who gives a practical demonstration of the apparent fact that. "'You can't convict a million dollars,'" o These two shrewl men, bef(re a court that is as reactionary as any I Gonezales Weekly de.landed tl.e pr0000i.g hour00 Our know were attempti.g to estah,00h ,, ,, --- mass production has increased and a vested property right in this great mils[ con: faintly iilcl'ease t) l)revent a r,qd]o trnst ontfit to ,me of lhe lu*t SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1928 crash, ill ,,rd,;r to get these markets, waves of tile iiir. There is aS nluch --J,, , , to any lld'ge degree, we will be cola- sense in saying [hey have the vested ;: +: Washinton, D. C., Dec. 7.--What do polled to develop a closer and more right to the use of the air as there is job think of a Scotsman eating kraut? friendly relationship with the nations in saying some monopolist has a right That's exactly what I did night before of the world, to the use of the Mississippi river. This last and I liked It. o (.ourt may hold they have, too. but 1 o. Almost all of tile nations of the world can't believe the U. S .Supreme Court +. A good friend of mine sold me a are iu the League of Nations, and they will. This instance shows the unlimit- couple of tickegs to the sauerkraut dou'( like it because, instead of join- ed effrontery these monopolists have dinner and hazer in the Grace Re- la with them in this effort, we go the c -- formed Church basement. This church other way and put uy trade barrios When I speak of radio litigation and is the one Roosevelt attended from 1903 of high tariffs and other obstacles legislation I can hardly keep from to 1909, and the folks there took a which tend to influence them against thinking of Senator Dill of the great great pride 1 showing me the seat he us. They are already t)mi)ing against state of Washington He has been one occupied during these years, the chairs us in some regards, and sooner or later of the most active workers in Conl{ress he gave+for the pulpit platform, his we will be compelled to make an at- for radio legislation, aml it was'nis portrait :which he gave for the Sunday rangemvnt of mutual and friendly co- bill which started out with the very School aom. hts singing book and other operation, idea that the use of the air belong thllags of that sort. It was intensely o exclusively to the control of the people interesting. It amy well be we will join tile and that tim federal goverument had o , League because of the trade necessity, control of its use so far as broadcast- This brings us to the main point, after we have refused to join because ing was concerned which extends be- that I wish every boy ad girl in this of the ideal. Not infrluently we do 3,nd state limits. country could come to ,Washington respond more, quickly to our l)oeket- o- fore few days' visit during their school book nerve than to our And when you think of Senator Dill Lives and see these interesting and nerve, in connection with radio, l would like historic things all over Washington, things which carry us back to people and to events whidh were iuqrtant re<dots In nlflking our ct)llntry lhe great --it's an inspiration. mtion it is. It's nor only educaHonal {} They get out a bullentin tl that .+ ctJurch every laonth and at the very top of the first page thcf have this quotation from Roosevelt: "I take a o to call llim to attention of every think- Congress convened on Monday, as th tug Democrat lu the United States. in constitution provides. A good Southern his experience in the election this fall. negro nmmmy answered a knock on I reckon his was one of the outstand- the door. There was a colored nmn lag Senatorial victories in the country. looking for work. Says lie: "I don't o reckon you-nil knows of nobody what Washington is a Republican state. wants to hire nolo(ly to do nothing?" It (ast 475.000 votes this year. Of Says lie: "'-es. ia(leed, I don't." these. Mr. ltoover received 330.000 and This gives you an idea of what Con- Mr. Smith 145,000, giving Mr. Hoover gross is likely to accomplish, a majority of 185,000, which is much entimental interest in worshiping in They nmy increase tile tariff on more than two to one. Yet in spite .he carcl ot my father." I SUPl)se 8ome agrcultural products which don't of this tremendous majority Senator he had other reasons for going to nee(l ally tariff, just to furnish an Dill was re-elected as a straight out ehttrch, excuse to precent tile extra session and out I)emocratic by 27.000. o next sunlnler. "'OU kuow Mr. Itoover o &s I stood looking at the seat where prontised to call an extra session to try Why? Because the people of that great alan worshil-M, it seemtl and work out sonic farm relief scheme, state thought he was an earnest pro- been so very long if something wasn't done durhg tills -greive and dry emoerat, and they he was President. 'et it has short session, i rather look for them voted for him without regard to lheir been twenty ),ears. llow times does to do something during this short ses- partisan prejudices. fly! sion. I rather look for them to do some If tile national Democrats will take o thing of this sort to furnish an excuse a till from Senator Dill's experience been ten years--just ten not to have tthe farm relief seson, and give us a progressive, dry eandi- before yesterday since Jim Something of this sort, in addition to date next time, not burdened by a Re- out of New York passing appropriation bills, with a pea- publican (Raskob) (hairman. nor with : + City on the steamsMp Mauritania for sible passing of the Kellog Peace treaty a Tammany taint, nor wRh a soaking a visit to England and to the battle- hy the Senate, and the possible passing wet attitude, we might have a real fl@ld of France." Tilts was less than of the hill to increase the Navy, will chance to win out. a month after the signing of the armis- be shout the extent of the work by t| e, and I think we were the first this Congress, as I now see it. l b/etvtlions who went across just to t The day before, stand- One of the activities (very active) :ff the windows in one of the that challenges my particular attention ldlngs in downtown New is that of the industrial high tariff  seen the George Washing- felh)ws. They certainly are getting in Wilson aml their work at this time through the going to Paris to House committee on Ways and Means, and to agree great nations on the erms of the Iague of Nations. BELIEVE IT OR NOT One adult out of every five wears eye glasses. New Yorkers spend 75 tons of ponies every day for newspapers. and it loos to me like they are get- A single fly will hatch and repro- ting ready for a substantial boost in duee a million fliesla one season. a lot of th;r tariffs which are already "ELKS' BENEFIT PLAY AT GRAND DELIGHTS CRO) '' "Putting It Over" which wilt be staged a! the local high ehool hy J. J. Kennedy, with local talent, on Saturday. December 22nd,. was played at Donaldsonville last week and we clip the following from the Chief with reference to Mr. Kennely's play: Tile splendid colnedy-dranla. "Pat- ting It Over" which was staged at the Grand Theatre last Thnrsday night by Professor J. J. Kennedy of New York. under the auspices of the I)onahl- sonville I,ode. B. I'. t). Elks, delighted tile lai'e BilliiDtr ,)[ people ill ,'[tien- (hlnce. and i,  asid l!y all It) have been one Of Ihe besl Iwo(hlctions eve[' pill on it1 this city. The nlemlq's of tile cast performed lheir respective parts in a most admirable nmnncr, and with the ease and grace of professional artists. so that the audience forgot that they were viewilg alnatear players; and ill the hearts of all has been kindled a feellng of exulting pride that such great dramatic talent as was displayed last Thursday nlyht is to be found in tile city of Donaldsonville. Both ill- dividually and collectively, the menl- bers of the cast delighted tile audience. Chicago is hragging that she will build the largest jail in the world. A anlve, ivc lll.2sllnle [o lllflk( + Chicago a llter place ill which IO liw?. The fellow who coined tile expres. sion. "an" apple a day xill keep the doctor away," never in his yollnger days ale a hard. tt'reen, little apple six weeks sooner than IlaIllre intended It should be eaten. With breef growers urging us to eat more beef. the milk producers urging us to drink more milk and |be apple growcrs Ilrgiltg IlS |() ell[ nit}re Ill)pies , how is one going to hear tim plea of the doctor who tells us t(i cat less. "Joe. how couhl you forget thut thls is my birthday?" 'Tin sorry Marian. but you don't look a year tdder." It used to be said that the wages of sin are death but so far as the boot- leggers are concerned the wages seem to be an eight-cylinder car and a stun- met ill)ale |n Ill(* COUntry. ANTICIPATED BUDGET OF ESTLMATED REVENUES FO TtlE PEAR 1929 Donahlmmville. La. Nov. 23. 1.q2S. ANsi*ssnlcnI Vlll'ds i. t, 5, 6. 7, b. 9, and 10 $5,294,210.00 levy 4 mills $21,176.84 Assessment Ward 3 2.110,310.(J I)onaldsonville levy 2.33 mills 4,917.02 Parish licen.e 1,000.00 Refund 2rid Road District 2,500.00 Dville.-Darrow Ferry Franchise 1,020.00 Total $30,613.86 Budget of Expenditures, Ascension Parish Police Jury for year 1929. Parish Treasurer's Salary $ 900.00 Sec'ty. of Police Jury and S ,we were, sailing across that htY Atlantic, htlnking of France. so happy In the ending of the at warn few days before, how con- n we were that this was really "a war to end war," and come tile League the United States in- we would come go of leading file Paths of righteousness. was thou v!gorous and mind and vision e and the opportunity Child of his idealism with which he would entirely off happy too high. I don't know whether this The longest telephone call that can Jpurchasing agt's, salary Is done with ,Ir. Hoover's approval or be made in the United States would i Mileage and per diam not, and i,. may be that these special Calif. Police Jurors interest fellows think they can put it Official Printing over anyhow, aud maybe they can. You If a ray of light started to(lay from Assessor's Commission don't aavc any idea how strong these the constellation Mercules, (+.r guess Dist. Att'y. Salary "fat" boys are, is that it would take 37.000 years for Court, Jurors and wit'. o _ It to reach the earth. The scientists Sheriff's Salary .,+! , Representativ  I was interested iu aother evidence figure 36,qg}0 but what's a thousand tjanitor,s i " of the way these monopoly fellows work years _ ..+:.,o;++ -. or  between scientists With JaiL Physi when I went down to the District whom we are great friend ? 'Court of Appeals on Monday to heal" . s 's Exise Justice Charles Evau Hughes, of New It is elmated that Zapan's oppula- Pai! +i Board of Health York, formerly on the United States tion Is in;creasing at the rate of 1,500,- Reg +I' Voters Salary Supreme Court, and Republican eandi- 000 a year. Justices of the Peace date for President in 1916 against Pre- MotNar cautioned her flaPll) daugh. . . + and Constables .idtmt Wilson, and Frank J. Hogan, o ter : Don t you dare to st0Vp over to t Feeding 1 risoners this ctty, argue the case of the General tie your shoe." , = Court Stenographer Electric Company In "their suit agalnsl the Federal Radio "V2ommissi0n. Ja which they are attem the Commission from putth feet the order which The dismal General Electric .the Senate to allow this Scheuectady, N. ., ln the League of Nations, part of its full fffort of this great cycle wave. J public "sentiment that o, " = Came a malden slim and fair. our country into becoming Do you know who Mr. Justiee Htlghes Weeping, pleading, "Gentle barber lhs tragic break, and final- is? He is one of the intellecntal men Won't you please to Ixtb my hair?" of the earth, tie has attained a high To the sweetly plaintive sobber place in national and International All unmoved hy l)rayerl or tear, us to become a judicial circle, lie has a tremendous 'Tm'a barber, no a bobber !" we will Join it. prestige, but as I have observed him Quoth the wiehleA, of the shears. j.South La. State Fair has re. La. tate Normal According tel Beneficiary Student orial Parlors,[ Parish Board Reviews ! members of the tGonzales IIigh School fair and sex i quest!Obligaation of boyish haircuts have resumed thelrtParish Bonds and Bank traditional for-men,only policy.-- (Refunding) To the shaver's pleasant harbor  Interest on Loans Farm Dem. Agent Road Dist. No. 1 Road Dist. No. 3 Road I)ist. No. 4. Road Dist. No. 5. iRoad Dist. No. 6. : Road Dist. No. 7. WILl that time+be? practicing before the high courts in ampson, one of the Washington, It seems to me he shows stndents of the economic situa-hls complete willingness to sell his Because of xpansion and eontrac- l and all over the intellectual capacity and his ilfflnenee tion, and telegraph wires can that he would to the great corporations who are seek. not be draven taut. A standard length to see the ing unfair advantages. They have of teleph%ne wire which sags 16 inches ate the League of money to pay for brains an dinfruenee at I0 egrees above zero will sag of Mr and Justice Htghes ha:; brains and In- only 5 inches at ten degrees below The fluorite to sell. He wants the money zero. {+%ld contracts the wire. If the almost certain too, and he gets it. I was told me wire tere perfectly taunt in summer time ago that lie had sald to my friend it wot'$d break in wiutcr. that his regular retainer fee for any tlmt every l:assing case he t(mk was $25,000. Ma lmffer: "What did you do whiIe lr Its goods than it -,-Arthur Gulterman. Inslctor of Tick Eradica- lion as per resolution of p the Police Jury adopted Nov. 15. 1928. for tim West side of the Miss. river Contingent 900.00 1.000.00 500.00 575,00 800.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 475.O0 250.00 2.000.00 2.000.00 4,315.00 1,5(}0.00 1.500.00 300.00 1.800.00 1.S00.00 {0.00 750.03 300.0O 1,500.00 1,268.86 TOTAL $30,013.8(I J. Yve Landry, Clmirman. Nestor Gautreau. Finance Comnfittee, Police Jury, Parish of Ascension Approved : o yott r acre at college?" I E. J. Waguespack, Ex-Offieto, Do you km)w who Attorney Frank Os Icald: "I grew older, sir." . Member of Finance Committee. ,% i IIIIIIII -ffl--" II  li ii ']llli TOYS! When You Start Toy Shopping This Store Awaita You You will be most delightfully surprised when you come here toy shopping. 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