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December 15, 1928     Gonzales Weekly Citizen
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December 15, 1928

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GONZALES WEEKLY li  CO  THE COMMUNIT - . PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY AT ASCENSION PARISH, LOUISIANA J, F. LANOUX, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER NZALES, OF SUBSCRIPTION : rates furnished on application $1.50 --75c _tie u second class matter December 18, 1920 at the post offit at Gonzales, La., under the Act of March 8, 1879 :  communication upon subjects of public interest solleited ...... No attention paid to anonymous letters. : The Weekly is not responsible for the views of its correspondents. Foreign Advertisilg Representative e THE AMERICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION rRDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1928 Letters From the People C. P. O. No. 1234 ,.h:nxghal, China, Nov. 16, 1928. comes another letter from the of the world." It may terest to the readers of your paper. recently had one of China's than a week of its coming. Great "mooncakes" in brightly were shown in many lanterns were seen treets. Everything was ln st31e it made one think of Christmas It was the and Mid Auttunnl In their feasting it recalled Day. 15th of the 8th month have theatrl- in the temple measure is stick monk, was enaUled to mount up from the earth to the Moon Castle to hear the music and see Its beauty. He was allowed to stand outside for only a very few minutes. By that time the goddess knew that the king of man was there. She was very angry at the monk for leading the king to her land. oon from the Castle came most unpleasant soundK The monk un- derstood that it was the queen's giv- ing veto to her wrath and he quickly led the king back to earth. You can thus see how full of super- stition the Chines are and how much the Gospel and Jesus Christ that they may see the real King in IIis beauty and live. forever in His glorious palace on High. It's a joy to teach Chinese children of Jesus and His salvation while young. A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and loved ones. Youse in Christ's glad service, (Roy.) II. G. C. HALLECK. President-elect IIoover's statement, that in regard to busiuess, government should be the umpire and not a player in the game embra(s in an epigra onr whole American theory of social aud economic existence: Elsewhere in the world we have seen the failure of industrial nationaliza- tion. Many foreign governments have ! WHAT WE THINK By FRANK DIXON About the only gift now who is careful about the way she sits down is the one who took her first horse- back rldin7 leson the da before. Our idea of a miracle would be for a woman to learn to love her hus- bands relatives as much as she loves her own. Our coutention is that a sandwich shop or other establishment of a like nature should be in business at least a weelt before calling itself a Ye Olde anything. The old fashioned woman who used to take you into the panthry to show you how many jars of preserves she had put up for the winter now enter- tains you with a display of the bridge prizes she gathered during the winter. DOING HER BEST Mother having gone away to visit fathe said, "Now daughter. "I'll have to depend on you to get me up for breakfast." "All right, father, "I'll try to get in hy that time." Slmaking of the tobacco chewing sex. the girl at the information desk opines: "When flmy're too youug, they're too green, and when they're too old, they are too fremh." Gee. M. Bistany, collector of wild animals, gives liquor to the wild gori- lla. which makes tim gorilla tame and friendly. And yet some humans want to fight and kill whenintoxicated. Now why is that? We have always main- tained that such actions or behavior is due to early training, or lack of it. You don't suppose any kid gorilla ever "sassed" its mother or made faces at its dad and got away with it? And If it is true that the banana is about to put the apple out of business it will be hard for some of us to get used to banana cider. Au ordinary man Just files off and says what he thinks about a question, but a statesman delays comment until he can ask somebody. Our daily states that there are more than 500,0(1 dotaesticated ostriches in South Africa There are more than that In the United States who are hiding their heads in the sand. There is this difference between golf and frailties. In golf you try to get into the hole, In lmlitics you try to keep out. They are somewhat alike however. In that both want to keep out of the rough. GIBS AND JIBES Student: "And poor Harry was tilled by a revolving crane." English Friend : "'My word- What fierce birds you have in America." Irritable Husband (to wife driving a mil). "'However do you expect to knoch a nail tn the wall with a clothes brush? For goodness' sake. Le your head." commercial Traveh,r Ire proprietor of s:ore, playing chess in back of store) : 'Do you know there are two customers in the store?" Merchant (whispering): "That's all right. Keep quite and they'll go a- way." He: "'Betty is a goml bridge player. 1 can't understand why slle did that." She: "Well, you lend diamonds, and she never returns a diamond." Helen: "How do you like the Shake speare club?" Marian: "It's wonderful- Why I made three grand slams at the last meeting." Mrs. Nooriche: "I wonder how the people in France Call understand each other." Friend: "Why, quite easi].v." Mrs. Noorlche : "'That's funny. Both of my daughters speak French. but neither one knows what the other is talking about." He: "You look like a sensible girl. Let's get married." She: "I should say not. I'm just as .enMhle as I look.'" "Why does Binks want a divorce? Ills wife had a half million dollars when lie married her." "Well, she still has half a million." Customer: "It's really very kind of you to pick the packages I dropped." Polite Clerk: "Not at all Madam. We men are getting tired of being ac- cused of being polite only to pretty women." Mr. Wolff." a man asked iris tailor 'How i it you have not called on me for my accountT' "Oh, I never ask a gentleman for uloney." "Well, how do you get on if he doesn't lmY ?" "Why." replied the tailor hesitating- ly, "after a certain time I couelude he is uot a gentleman and then ask hinl." The m'o(r lind instructed the new clerk to offer a substitute for anything asked for. that they didn't have in stock. "IIave you any fresh green stuff today?" asked a woman customer. "No ma'am, but we have some nice thousands of bunm an in- uixn moon, of why theat- hy throngs or they goddess. manifested near eartl not only been players lu the game but in some instances, of which Russia under Soviet regime is the outstanding example, they have become the entire game, to the disadvantage and loss of all others. The United States has forged ahead undeer a government policy based on elmouraging practical Individualism. The century old statement, that govern meat is for the people, not the people for the government, is as true today as in the time of Jefferson. Our al- titude toward the European and Rus- sian experiments has been that a by- stander with an innate dislike and dis- Hked and distrust of political pater- nalism. That the soundness and wisdom of American individualism has been proven cannot be doubted. It can be measured In dollars and cents, and in the less tangible, but more lmportaut values of human rights and happiness, There has never been a period in our history when the relations between labor and capital were more amicable we have never been more free strlk( s arm disturbances and evar have the people of any country at nsr time in the world's history enjoyed th adfantages which are commonplace every American citizen. We have learned that perso|ml prosperity and general prospelty are indivisihle, that it akes ,capital to make industries and pay rnllu and comforts. The average American has leisure unknown to the average European, which he can use to whatever purpose, cultural or otherwise, he wishes. He has motor cars and mtffieient money to keep them going, entertainment and money with which to buy it. He The pen is mightier than the sword bluing." or would be if we could get the crim- Billy: "Daddy, a hey at school trials inside of it. said that I looked like you. -- Dad: "That so? And what did you A writer says that the dog fills an empty place in a man's life. And hot say?" Billy: "Nthin' Ite was bigger'n dug kennels fill many empty place in me." th roadside scenery. She: "You never hear of women Onf of the differences between win- ter and sun'met is that the rumble embezzling aud ruuuing off with their employer's money," seat only looks foolish in summer and lie: "Not often. P, ut when it does in winter it is. happen, they take the employer too." Flo'orwalker (to impatient One lauty parlor advertises a per- leaving store : "Can't you manent wave that will last six months. on Madam?" Customer : "No, I'm at a bad time. Yaur to be in eonference:': master was very I)elia, He left Something like perpetual motion  that will keep going six weeks, Two important volcanoes, Mt. Etna in Sidly, and Krahatao, between Java and Sumatra are active at the same time. If the eruptions continue, great happy damage may result. And people were wondering what the newspapers find to print one thing FLAPPER "If you kiss me I'll call father," Said a maid to a bold young laddie. He kis.ed her soundly on the cheek And. she murmure|, "Sweet, sweet Daddy I" The majority of popular fallacies, like the one about the rabbit's foot. "Yes, mum. it was my mis- I made his porridge of bird First Colored Lady: "Yo husban's in de hospital? Ah thought he was jus' only off on a jag." Second Colored Lady: pridefully): He was, but ah interrupted him." There is a story reputed to have started in New York about two rather prim malden ladies who attended the play. "What Prke oGlry," at its first showing. During the earlier acts they were shocked by the profanity used are harlnles enough ; but the one about hy the players. As the plaY progress- potatoes L dangerous. Any fallacy is ed the kindly ladies became sonlewhat dangerous when it interfers with big hardened to the language with the KITCHE/00 ((. 1928. Western Newspaper Union.) Look to your health: and if Tou have it praise God and value next to a good conscience: for health is the second blessing that mortals are capable ofa bless- ing that money cannot bu:f. Isaac Walton. COOKING VEGETABLES Do 3ou put vegeables ou to cook in cold water? Do you use a large .,. quantity of water in cooking them and do you cook them too long, after they are tea* der? This last will rob them of all theh' flavor and make them lose .  ,; ,,..: their appearance a well as their vitamin content. When any member of yollr refuses to eat certain vegetables, take an inward look and ry to discover why. Are you guilty of any of the above misdemeanors, which are all too foremen among cool;? There are certain rules which apply to the cooking of all fresh vegetables, These rules if f,dlowed will give you vegetables with nearly all their orig- inal properties retained. First see that the vegetbles are welt cleaned. :l'ip and fresh--wilted greens are ofteu made fregh by soak- inglo cold water. Now put thenl to cook in rapidly b(,;li,g water--if the v, ater is slmply hot they will stew and cook, losing nlutl flavor before they have a chance to boil. Use just enough water to l;:(,p the vegetables from boiling dry, use salt after they are partly cooked and boil only until ender--not fl lllOdlt,n[ longer. Placing a eohl vegeiable into boil- ing water chills the water, so that it is necessary to 'over the saucepan and vet the water quickly o the boil- ing point. Now if he vegetable is a grec one like peas. spinach or las- paragus leave uncovered, after the boiling is resumed; tMs keeps them from losing their color and they are more attractive lu appearance. The lengti| of time for cooking vege- ables depends somewhat upon the age of the vegetable. For vegetables that are as fresh as can be bought In the market the following table will make a fair rate: Asparagus 15 to 20 minutes, whether served in stalks or cut into pieces. String beans, 25; beets, young, 45; carrott, shredded, 10: corn on cob, 8; cauliflower, whole, 15 minutes. 7be kqTC00 ((), 1928. Western Newspaper Union.) "Your dreams" are the wealth of your spirit, the geM, The ideal you long to attain, The radiant vision that gladdens your soul. The hope that illumines the years as they roll, And robs them of orrow and pain." GOOD THINGS TO EAT DR. L. P. ST. AMAN7 DENTIST. Office Hours: 9 A. M. to 8 t. M C, onal, La. DR. G. S ST, A MAN7 Otto Houra. 7 to 9a. m. i to 8 I. Gonzates. La. DR, R. M. SMITH PHYSICAN ,5 SURGEON. Gonzales. ]$. C.V. ST.AMANT Lawyer & Notary Donaldsonville, La. Every Monday at Gonzales, La. DR. E. S. KYES Physician Gonzales, Louisiana l)g. DAWSON T. MARTIN EYE. EAR. NOSE AND TIIROAT CIIARITY IIOSPITAL Monday, Wbdneday & Friday Morning Office hrs. daily in I)onaldsnvitla from '2 until 6 p. m. SIDNEY A. MARCHAND Lawyer & Notary Donahlsonville, La. Eve,'y Monday at Gonzales, La. P, S, BEllTEAU General Merchant 6onzales and St, Aminl Louisiana I NOTICE! NOTICE| The finance eommltte of the PoU Jury of the parish of A meets at the court house on first Tuesday of each months to 1 current bills against the parish. All person having claims against the parish are requested to send ae present them to the parish t before t]ae day of the  I order that they might receive Those who enjoy an occasional attention. chowder and cannot have one at a . H. PLCON, Treasur.o resort may substitute: Crab Meat Chowder.- Dice a two-inch slice of salt pork"and cook until brown in a frying pan; add four slices of onion and cook until yellow. Add the fat to a double boiler with one small tin crab meat, five cup- the hot ot cooked hot cupful of :alt, pap+ First and Last Chance Confectionery and Or6ceries of NEAR L. R. & N, DEPOT  add M. d. AMBEAU, PROP. balls cracker crumb LAp rika to ta.te, ag#t butter and two which thousands of physicians, nurses proved it to be indeed a great blessing headach, neuralgia, neuritis, period, pains, During great flu epidemic found thousands could not take acetanilid or these. remarkable new discovery, called does not contain asprln, a or any heart depressants, It is al)solutelx' harmless to young or 01d. It stops pain In five minutes and in- stead of leaviug  you feelhlg 10ggy, it actually lmps you up. If you have has aH the natural advantages, and an illimitable number of other advan- tages that have accrued from science and industry and Our living standards. Those who. in the past. have looked to Europe as the barometer that fore- casts the future of America have been mistaken. We have become a world in ourseWes, a universe of Individuals, freefrom the blight of despotisms. The Americas soelal---enomic theory, with its stalwart support of the in- of individual initiative minced. Serve w Ice Box Rolls.Soften tw( pressed yeast cake iu one-fourth c ul of water. Put in a mixing bc one-half cupful of sugar, tw cupfuls of boiling water, four level table- spoonfuls of shortenhg, one tea;i)oon- ful of salt. Cool until luke warm, add the yeast and two welt-beaten eggs; add four cupfuls of flour and beat well, then add three and one-half more, tirring well with a large sp.oon ; do not knead. Set into the ice chest over night, or 18 hours, then take out as much as will be needed for rolls; handle with as little flour as possible, greaslng the hands well with butter, place well spaced t$ rise, spread with melted butter and cover to rise. When double in bulk put to bake in a hot oven. The dough wilt keep for sev- eral days if it is not all used. This recipe makes about three dozen good- sized rolls. Fruit Meringues.---Beat the whites of any kind, you owe it to try this remarkable new covery. A tube your druggist cost but a Just ask for llghted,Adver tisement. NEEI First Wife : mad for home to dinnerT' Second Ditto : result that when thg final curtaiu of four eggs until tlff, add one cup- business. Captains of finance, have dropl d one of them said re the other : i ful of fine granulated sugar, eontlnue (Ill, peered that the SUl)ersiiem about "Let's get the h------out of here,  beating until the mixture holds its potatoes being faa,v, lng has nde etr- ,, ] shape, Add the sugar gradually. riffle inroads on the consumption of laM ry. " I Shape with a spoon into 16 ovals, potatoes. Forthwith the captains of "All rigltt, Ellen," came the reply, placed on letter paper on a wet board. "But wait till I find that d--urn-i Bake one hour in a slow oven. Co( finance are busy furnishing womeu brella." I remove from the paper and take out with the real truth about dietetics. __ I. the centers. For serving place two on We've been telling our hungry friends the real truth about it for lo the. She: Is it dangerous to drive with I eachWhip plate,one andfill wlthone.halfthe eupfllsfllwing:of many months and they wouldn't be- one hand." lieve  us. Go to it girls. The potato He: "It certaluly is. More than andCream'mar$1mallows.add green grapes, plneapple won't hurt on lihouett.--he Mug- one fellow has run into a church do- ing it." ::7