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Gonzales, Louisiana
October 22, 1921     Gonzales Weekly Citizen
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October 22, 1921

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.~hm - I I I I II Take a good dose of Carter's Utile aver --then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after. A few doses restore your organs to their proper functions and the Headache and the muses of it pass away. in the same manner They regulate the Bowels and prevent Comlipafion. Oenulne bear ~ ~ ~ e--ill I.~l ~--.H h-lS. (~--.ll I~- I +: .................... MARKS CENTER' OF THE EARTH t BARBERS' NAMES ON MIRROR Lofty Monument Ir~ Delhi, India,[New York Proprietor Thinks Patron= Erected After a M'eteorite Fell Should Know Who Is Operating Near the Spot, [ on Them. The idea that tile ~:~rth'r is not n flat disk, but a glot~, d,*es not seem to trove "catlght on" In India. for they still talk al~out s certain place tieing the "center of the worhL~ In Delhi stands a lofty monument that goe~ by name of Kutub Minor. a structure towering high above tl~e temple of w~ff~'h it is a part. The appearance of this curious piece of architecture is that of a numi~ar of tiers of columns, seemingly tied together in bundles. At big In- tervals there are balconies. The Kutub Minor is of special Inter- t~t and note in the world over which the religion of the teacher Buddlm holds sway, Here, long ago, tradition has It a meteorite fell, ~ent by the ruling powers in the mystic world be- yond this life to mark in the exact center of the world. In commemoration of this mtracu- ions eyelet the Kutub Minor was erect, ed on the spot, that nmnkind tnight never forget It.-~London Answers. Makin It "Keep." It to tell in some countries liberty is preserved or canned. ~-Washington Post. l~apuans roll sago into a ball and roast it In a fire. The proprietor of a barber shop in New York believes It is a good thin~ for his business to have his patrons call each barber by name. To this end he has had one of Ills 15 era. ployees who is bandy at letteriul~ scroll the first name of each barber In soap on the mirror in fr,mt of eatd~ chair. When a patron enters he sees a row of names--"Tom," "Adam," "An. thony," "Rob," "James,"--on ~ either side---of the mirrored shop. Below each name ls an am'ow and a num- ber. "It's like branding cattle." one barber remarked, "I am Sial and each morning I hack into stall No. 2, The boss insists It Is a good idea. Makes the shop more homelike, he says."-- New York Sun. Marble Palaces at $10 a Month. Palatial marble palaces, erected in the Sixteenth century by Dutch meP chants on the all but forgotten islands of the South Seas, are for reut at 2 10s. a month, approximately $10, according to letters ,from mariners and Itinerant merchants. 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The,= Wedgwoods and the Mintons" are the_ mOSt famous families connected With - the cl)lna industry. . Wheli a man owns but one snJt