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August 13, 1927     Gonzales Weekly Citizen
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August 13, 1927

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Special Meeting Ascension Parish Police Jury Donaldsonvllle, La.. Aug. 4. 1927 The l)Olice jury of the parish of Ascension met this day in special session with President M. S. Eby In the chair and the following memlrs present: Daigle, Barriente. LeBlane, Harp, Waguesl)ack. Falcon, Gautreau. and Slngletary. President Eby stated that the pur- pose of the meeting was to receive protests anti hear complaints on valua- tion of property for assesmneat pur- poses in this parish as fixed by the Louisiana Tax Commission. and that the police jury would sit as a Board of Reviews. Mr. Charest Thibaut addressed the Jury and protested the action of the La., Tax Commission in raising the assessment of t.he Ascension Bank and Trust Company. Mr. Harp offered the following re- olution. seconded hy Mr. Daigte. Whereas. complaint was this day made re this police Jury by Charet Thibaut representing the Ascension Bank and Trust Co.. of Donaldsonville Louisiana. that the Louisiana Tax Commission instructed the Assessor of the parish of Ascension to raise the assessment of maid Bank from $148,440 to $154.440. Whereas. it is the opinion of the police jury of the parish of Aension. acting as a Board of Review. ulmn complaint made by said taxpayer of the parish of Ascensioe that the as- sessment of above named Bank as fixed by the Board of Equalization is fair and represents the true and actual value and cla.ification of said named property, therefore. Be it resolved by the police jury of file parish of Ascen- sion. Louisiana, acting as a Board of Reviews, that it does hereby recom-" mend to the Louisiana Tax Commission that the assessment of said Ascension Bank an(FTrust Co,, of Donaldsonvllle, La.. as fixed by the Board of Equaliza- tion of the parish of Ascension be, accepted by the Louisiana Tax Com- mission, and said assessment of $148,- 440 be made in accordance herewith. Roll call on the foregoing resolution resulted as follows: Ayes--Eby, Daigle, Barriente. Harp, Waguespack, Falcon, Gautreau, Landry, LeBJanc and Single tory. Total ayes 10. Nays O. The Presi- dent declared the resolution adopted. Mr. LeBlanc offered the foollwing resolution ,seconded by Mr. Landry. Be it resolved that the Louisiana Tax Commission are hereby requested to reconsider the assessment of the De IIaas-Eby Lumber Company, of Sor- rento, Imuislana. Roll call on the foregoing resolution resulted as follows : Ayes-Daigle, Barriente. LeBlanc. Waguespack. Fal- con, Gautreau, Landry, and Slnglotary. Mr. Eby not voting. Total ayes 9. Nays 0. The president declared the resolution adopted. By Unanimous consent the POlice Jury agreed to hear Dr. Anderson. of the United States Public Health Ser- vice, and take any action deemed necessary to entertain a proposition offered to each of the thirty two parishes in the flooded area. The agencies being the State of Louisiana through the State Board of Healtl, Rockefeller Foundation and the United 1 States Public Itealth Service. t Dr. Anderson addressed the jury I q explaining the great danger of com- municable diseases, and also the bone- As Governor of LouOsiana, |ntrested in the good health and prosperity of &apos;.he State. I mot earnestly.urge you 'and the honorable body you represent m make every effort to accept the 'inancial assistance offered. Very truly yours. O. H. SIMPSON Governor. Mr. LeBlanc offered the following resolution, seconded by Mr. Harp. Whereas, the United States Public Health Service. the Rockefeller Foun- dation and the Louisiana State Board of Health have offered to the parish of A.ension. the sum of $5500.00 out ,bf the total of $80(XI.00 necessary in :n'der to estaldiuh in the parish of As(unsion. a Ih,alth center with a full time IIealth Officer and full time Puhlie Health Nurse or Sanitary ln- pector, and. Whereas. l)r. l). T. Martin, prewar Health Officer has generously agreed I to the ume by the parish of all funds now used for part time health service if a full time health unit is established. and, Whereas, in the opinion of the police JurY, the establishment of a full time heaith unit will I of great benefit to i the parish and its citizens. Therefore. be it resolved by the polic jury of the l)arisb of Ascensioa that It heartily favors the establishment oF this unit and the appropriation by the tsdice jury of the fuds necessary to obtain the unit provided flee Finance C(immittee can obtain out of the bud- gets of 1927 and 1928 the amounts needed, And be it further resolved that in the event the Finance Committee can secure such funds, ! hat the unexpended imlance of $1000.00 appropriated in the 1927 budget for the Parish Health Department be used in the establish- ment of the full time health unit. And be it further resolved that the Finance Committee of the Parish of. Ascension is hereby fully employed to take all necessary steps to establish said unit "in the event that the amount necessary for said purpose can be se- cured, the said full time health unit to be put in effect as soon as possible. Be if further reolved that the thanks of the italics Jury are hereby tendered to Dr. D. T. Martin for his generous action in enabling the police jury to put in effect at once a full time health unit for the lmrish of Ascension. Roll call on the foregoing resulted- as follows: Aye.,--Eby, Daigte. Bar- riente. LeBlanc. Harp, Waguespack, Falcon, Gautreau, Landry and Single- tary. Total ayes 10. Nays 0. And the President declared the resolution adopted. There being no further business the jury adjourned. M. S. EBY, President. W. K GREMILLION, Secretary. THE FARMER'S BEST WAY OUT Dean Rueli of Wiomstn C@tlegt Ot A41rlcnlturo ys: "Two things Imvo hit tlzo garmm, hard hat the 8aO things Imre hit hOlm)so. They m  In cost et production Imd decline in prfeen wlflll iattel lure been more drastic in farm pro duets titan humor&lured products Tim farmer's political friends say lvaUon cn be found through latin ktloL Our Inglaflvo do(.qoF0 pro pose price control The dimcult with this is price control always mesas price elevathan which always predates ezpausion ta production ff this occurs without panston in consumption you luted haovitablo de eltne in prices. The remedy worl to fit to be derived by the establlshmenti produce the very opposltQ result from that Intended. of a full time tlealth Unit in the parish "Another teglklattvs Danacea wouht of Ascension. and that the above named * agencies thr,)ugh the Imisiana State i Board of Health, would tqmtribute the sum of $5500.00 as their quota for the purpose of establishing a full time health unit in the parish of Acension. provided the lsdice jury would approp-I Hate the sum of $2500.00 to make the required $8000.00 necessary to put this l qlako it eossir to borrow. 88 ff run IthaS late debt wu the solution of the difficulty. There are tarmare who wish It had not ben qalta eo easy to brruw because the lneviUthlo day comes when they have to pay princl ii aomd interest. Tim third |egtJa ttvo remedy would make easter tit, imthway for coopat'atlVo andeavm All you Iava to do Is to wave th program into effect. t wand "coolratton" and all tht The following communication from Irm-r's difficulties will lmmedlatel) dieapir, i weaner ff there I m Governor O. H. Sitnpson was read. government that can make Imople co Baton Rouge, La., July 22, 1927. I perate The auasa of coparattve b  effort will He in organtsatlon [rom Hen. 31. S. E y, Sorrento. La., Dear Sir : As you are aware, special financial help is offered to each of the thrity- two parishes in the fl(mded area. The Slate of Louisiana through the Stto Bmrd of Health, the LJquidatioa Board having provided $62.000 for this special health reimbiliatlon program, the In  rrnational Health Division. Rocke- feller Four, alien and the U. S. Health Service. To have each parish accept this financial assistance by appropriating its quota it is desired that vecia] meetings be held of the police jury and the school board, jointly where possible. In the affected parish If agreeable to theseboards the 8tats Board of Health will arrange these meetl that they will fit a continuous bottom up rather than from the top down and It will take a devao o two for the results to I fell 'The farmar have at hand a rosily tlmt rn bo utiiised im mediately with the definite knowledge that it will secure far better rosuits if they will take a ttf out of present day business methods they will ltve relief in agriculture they- will not have to walt for. Bmttnese lma sutmm the same u the fsrmer. Fot hustnem eme thromgh In wa tlutt t8 fax almad of the farmer. This It Imps brouSht about through Indtmtri dlcteaey, through improvement ot methods They Imvo increased islet out/put per ualt to the degree  coot of producUon lve aetual  re dmmd by hatter mtho&s of pit work. iadmstrlal eato-oa n iare a m almnd  o re. In tea ysas atomob//e output pot Worker line acrmul 17 itineary of the representatives of the Per cent, Urm gll Per coat, 011 State Board of Health, the Rocke- r tat, Immont $1 Per t "Comlm that with others. The fellow Foundation gad the U. S. PubHc Ime,&era lutes hie, teased Olt J7 It and 8noel only (; per cont. That@ las been ga ha'ea in ngrieultum mr Ill8 of $0 per cent. It is doubthd titt hustueu be any suc opportl ) exists in agrlculturo to reduce cost of production through improved th. odt Take orn,--lows shows 8 v ton in cost of production from flgtm cents to sorority-five cents busheL I Illinois the cost of producl corm on $0 acre field8 was reduced from fifty. two cents to twenty cents bushel The manfacturer who had it within his power to reduce production costa from fiftY.two to thirty cents per unit would tm tickled to death with the opportuatty - of meeting competitlo under the conditions. "The way out for tile farmer lJ (1) to become a tubinea) man, IZ) to adopt business methods, to wdapl blmlf to, the same kind nf condltiont d be aa efficiently senile as is om manufacturer or our business man la tha ordinary channels of his trade. iS) to rely leas upon pohtical promises and more upon indl/dtuU lalt/atlve, ill to work toward e operative endeavor, but in the mea time not to wait for cooperative eu denver to solve all of these problems becatum Individually he can do sol. thing gt the present time." Jmf Why Hobo.Had fo Leave His Happy Home "Frederick A. WalliL New York commiultmer of corrections, belleve that prisons should maintain tlm "Prisoners must work," he said. "After all, prison is a punishment, and there's an call for reformers to pare. per the lawbreaker. "A tramp aed a farmer's wife one day for a pleve or'Dread. As she gave him a p/eve of pie she amid : " 'Poor fellow, you look a U you'd en better days.' "'YES, o i liars, ma'am.' said the tramp. He shoveled about a cubic foot of pie Into his mouth with his guile and added, 'Once I dwelt ha mar, hie halls." '* 'And how,' said the armer's wife, "did you come to lose such a u4ce home ' '*'Term expired,' 8aid the tramp. Co,n.dy C.mtlom b pri coutpetltlou ha tl London 8aim'day lleview, sol @ Prhacm Bibeat-o. called for hutmrmm ii such .as appear on the funny ilium W@ selecq a few of thtme elicited : *The only maa who was not spoiled y beans Ihtniztl was l)aniel." "He suffered severely tr,)m cold feel but they were n,)! hl own" "1 left bar In the Grand Canyon trying to get the last word with m, ache.  "It was a town so full of iawger that they changed the hotel's nauru to Writs.'" "it was the or of street In which G%tpid shot ()lily with Pierce Arrows" --Bootes TraascripL B/ o/Other Day *'When I was a boy there were Just u many beautiful girls as there are today," said an old man. **Pretty girl photograplts and beauty eontsate deceive some into thinking that fend. nine beauty Ja tm the tncreal But t believe timt many will back UD when I say that the girls of 50 y'i[t ago do not suffer by comparison with preentdlay beauties.'--Detroit News Agricultural Notes IIOMER, LA. A plot of six to eight acres of cotton which folbwed an excelelnt growth l of sweet clover on limed soil on the Brownfleld Farm St Athens, is mak- ing a splemlld showing as compared to cotton on an adnining pht where there was no clover, aoe,)rding to Claude W. Davis, farm agent. The cotton planted lehlnd the clover received the same rate of fertilization and was planted on the same date as the cotton where there was no clover. This demonstra- tion ham very favorably impressed a[ num|r of farmers as to the value oil t liming the mill and grow!ng sweet 1 clover as a winter cover crop and it i vary prolml)le that as a result we will Ie able to place several cars of lime in the parisl this fall and get 15 to 20 farmers to try a few acres of sweet ch)ver, says agent l)avis. LAKE CHARLES. LA. Two poultry meetings were held re- cently at Vestlake and Edgerly where F. C. Old, lmultry specialist, I)uislana State university extension division gave talks and poultry dem,)nstratl,ms. These meetings  (,re well attendi anti the farmers ami their wives starhl at the con(-tuai, i I o r the program the* they had learlmd a great deal iron0 the helpful ias'rrtli,n. lhat Mr. eL! gave them, eecording to Homer ,L. Brinkley, farm agorot, Calcasieu parish. Be/ore returning to the state office. Mr. Old visited several poultry farms tn Calcasieu and the owners were as- sisted materially by Mr. Old who gave them valuable suggetion about crry- ins on their poultry industry, he says. ALEXANDRIA, L&. A brattch of the Ral)ides Parish Poultry Association was orgaOzed at an enthusiastic meeting of pontry breeders held recently at the Sieper School Atex a thorough dltmsston INVENTOr'S RISE TO bins facilities.for F.4ME AND FORTUNE or general factory waste. No elevator nothing in the way of immvatior thai Del,x H. J. Gaismn, Inventor of Valet accelerate sad encourtr enterl)riing porcl, hades. Auto-Strop Razor,. in Happy Ea -, ha.rig, rain Mood as he Plan Vacation manufacturers. Ohl l)ackt41g ca,s sanli, Idnty Of Hght were utillzl for work tahle: and th z. a,qtab|e tO After thirty years of tireless effo office furniture was e.eedlngly nora and prsistence in the developmeat oi meahanioai and business machinery or the eploitation of the Valet Auto trop Safety Razor. H. J. Gaisman. well-known inventor, former Proof- :lent. and now Chairman of fle Board (if Directors of the Aut,)trl) Safety Itazor Co.. Inc.. is marting on a brief .'acation In deservedly happy frame ')f mind, Prior to his deltt rturefor Europe he was asked to (list.usa the recent de- velol)ments of the bu.lness which h h)und(l many yearn ago. An announ- 'ement that Autot'ap SoleD" Razor , 'It. stock was to be Issued h) lhe public -vss a news item of intcl'Csl, ttco)re- :entativcs of the press and ether busl- Jess groups were anxious to obtain a ':stalled story  Mr. Gaisman'8 busi- ,es career anti additional tforma- tim about the company which he ounded. Mr. Gainmn recounted brlofl]y the "ears of struggle and financial stralm )ften encountered during the. period ,pent in developing and exxphdtlng his et inventim--the Valet AutoStrol) taz,)r, the raT)r that sharpens it own blades. IIe al) discussel the deveh)p- merit of the COmllany he foundtl and rs progress from an insigaificant work shop to one of the leading factors In he shaving world. Rather reticent flout slaking of his own accomplish- menlo, we gather from his associates nne very interesting facts. Many interesting anecdotes cmfld be vriten abot the early struggle of this uccesfut company. In the early days f tlw business it was often a serious problem to secure sufficient funds /O world wide advertising eampaigus and other esseatial activities, but these ap- parently insuperable difficulties were overcome by intelligence and industry. Mr. H. J. Gaisman. until noxv. owner ,f pratically the entire stock of the AutoStrop Safety Razor Co., kas re- tea.,d througl the firm of A. G. Bec- ker & Co.. a portion of the company's !mre ., that the public, distributor and employees, may all share in the Company's success and proTits. A group of Five men. who have step- ta*d along with the Company since its infancy, are to be rewarded for their contributions toward the success of the business by obtainhg a generous portion of the struck and assmnin the active directorship of the Company. Mr. Gaisman stilt controls the majority of the stock and will remalfi active as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 8tarred Early He is still a comparatively young man. vig,)rous, athletic and an enthu- siastic worker. Born In-Memphis, Term he began work at the early age of ]3 Even at this tender age he devoted slmre hours, following his regular daily routine in conceiving and developing inventions. His first lnvenKon was a device for advertising In street ears. which, at thai time, had nothing comparable with the present toothed of card city. The business after an investment ,If $7.26, eventually showed a profit ot more than $100.04) per month, lle lead taken in wlth him a mature partner, 15 years of age, who was empb)yed i, lerformance of miscellaneous tasks--- cussing errands, etc. Mr. Gaisman: h finally sold his interest to t is boy. I i'he boy never claimed his note. ', The AutoStrop Safety Razor Cont- puny was established in 1906. Busints was started in very slUa]l slmce down Jn Centre Street, New York City. We might mentb)n here that this location ,lid not provide even the most elemen- tary (if conven|ences for manufactur- ing efflem'y, nor for lmrmal comfort of those those engaged there. There were "no ueh luxuries as modern plum- f the advantages ,)f cooperative mar- keting of poultry every one present oted for the establishment of h ship- trills point at Slelmr, aceordtag to B. W. Baker, club agent. The secretary, L. M. Arnold, was instructed to order twelve shipping coops for the first mthly shipment which was made on dee seeond Monday in August. This snakes f, ur shipldng Is)Juts for Rat)ides imr[h, the t)(her three ilng at Glen- mora, Forest Hill and LeCompt. A ,otai of 16.930 1rounds of live poultry were marketed from these three Points during 1926, netting the shippe,'s 4,- 38.19. The whippers receive payment f,)r their poultry at po/utt of shipment which makes this system of marketing very satifactory, says agent Baker. 666 is a Prescription for DENGUE OB BILIOUS FEVL It kills  germ. 57I17 Let t W o offit ta BeutiluJ weather- descript. [ asonal)ie prices, every Realizes Suress [ I supplied with thes Contrasting this inferior condition. The poret shades make ; of affairs with the ltloulehing statelsives|eeping porch. )f the business ttldav compels on t,)[  Ak voter dealer for Sa Shades. If they do not cart keen admiratioa for the success achisv- 1 ' " cd In marketing the Vahq At(iSirol),Stoak, write me for sulf llazor and brlngi]g $omfortalfle shave to millions. In additi(tn t(l he inventhn and d- v(,h)l)/aeeet ,if nn(Odlry for the e)+)). faeture of razirs and ,la(ls, a's ,l-I :is llr()ce)ses for steal tr(,)tti)ig. Mk'. (aJSlJlan ]lU lnrent( a gI'f'H Ill[IllS" (,overed by hiIndre(l (if pal- OI|tS, lee all,s (If She worhl. Am(mS h|s worhl-wido inx'(,ati,. :re ,he AutoStr(ip Safety Razom ties film ml autographic s3-sm ' : Klak the stades and give me the ntme our local dealer, and I Will see yo( are are supplied through ,leaflet. E, G. PORTER Sa.k Ranids, Minneaota ( ;! |lIOl'8 S. All' (|lisnnlll'. success Is a)lo tJ m a o The Weekly is " gi00e you the news of the parish as fast as it comes news every week. SlmvN evm00 H ]00ou Imve a Mad** Itut mnty V.tet0000 itmmt- --. Ittgm ,t up .. <tas. \