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August 13, 1927     Gonzales Weekly Citizen
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August 13, 1927

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GONZALES WEEKL .... For The CommunityWith The Community i t V OLU2ME VII. GONZALES. LOUISIANA. SATURDAY, AUGUST 1:/. 1927 Reception for Knights Columbus .&apos;ew Or|cans. Aug S. P|ans are be- ing f,rnmlated for an olslMn'ate re- cepti,m for Willianl J. Guste. suite deputy of the Knights of Cohnnbus. upon his return to New Orleans fol- fowing his election tit Inendtership ou the supreme board of directors tf tile national organization. Tile electtol It+ok place ill Portland. Ore.. where the nmiual COllvention was held recently. LIVE MOi)EI,S WII,L BE USED FOR DEMONSTItA'riON .-IT THE SHORT ('(;RSE AT L. S. U. 1Ave models will be used to demop- sn'ate tile suitable type of hats for different lieoph  by Mrs. Dora Barnes %vilt,II NIle delnonstralvs tile selection of hats before tile farln wolnen who at- tend tilt, annnal Farmers' and Home- makers' Short Collrse t0 t)43 held at tile Louisiana tate University, August 15- 18. Mrs. Barnes is clothing specialist, A. and M. College, Texan. and will also deuionitrate tile dressing of the family Mr. Guste is expected about the mid-Itecoiningly. die of August and it is plannde to hold I During her denlonstrations Mrs. Bar- tile at'fair .horily ihereflfler. The event lien will select fronl ller audience dis- will in all probability, be state wide tinctive and reprenestative Iylles and ill s('tqte. [ sile will show why a certain lint Is suit- Jolln X. 1Veglnflnn, past state depuly, eli |o a certain type. be will prove and odler prondnent nlelahers of tile hy practical apldication what is tilt, Knight of ('ohlhllflls here and over it.lost bt:olnillg thing for lilt individunl ,the stale, will colnlllete tlae ltrograni. I of a certniu type to wear. It is ex- "'We feel it o signal honor lo llave: llt.ted that Mrs. Bltarnvs' demonsira- one of our |lleulbers eie('ted lo / its- lion wil lattra('t large crowds of wolnen portanra l.St its a director on tilt, "'I feel thai it iN a privilege to have snprenle iNHtrd of tile Knights of ('oinlu Mrs. Barnes here dlll'ilt our shorl lilts." said Mr. Vegnian in speaking, conrse." says Mls Mary .Jessie Stone. of tile elevation of 3Iv. tluste. "It ix a' state honle delat,nslrat[on agellt. "'as distinction we are all proud of. It is deserved, too. and is given to Mr. Gusie in recognition of the splendid work lie has performed for the oi.galli- zation ill Louisiana. During the molly years Mr, Guste has been identified with tile Knigilts of Columbus, he has given generously of his time and has done much for the upbilding of out" organization." At tim state convention of tile Knight of t',olulnbus held several days ago, Mr, Guste. proniinent as fl lawyer, orator and civic worker, was elected state deputy fin" tile third terni. This, tile record shows, is tile first time in the order's history ill Louisiana that a state deputy succeeded himself for the third consecutive terln. Hereto- fore the universal CllStOln "VflS tWO terms. The distinction came to Air. Guste because of his untiring efforts in the interest of tile Knights of Coluln- bus. Mr. Guste is known to practically every member of every Knights of Columbus council ill Louisiana. During his first anti secoml terms, Mr. Gusto visited every council altd it is under- stood he has outlined a sinlilar pro- gram fin" the present terlu. Mr. tiuste vas anlong tile leading re] unteer work- ers during the 19:27 flood, going into tile section where suffering was great- est and providtmg relief for the-un- fortunate victims of what is generally termed one of the hn'eatest, if not tile greatest disaster in the history of the Mississippi valley (Jr the country as a whole. Upon his return to New Of leans from tile l'ortiand convention, Mr. Gusie will again become active In the rehabiliation work so essential anti n.essary in so many parishes thai were inundated by the Mississippi ovei- flow. 1 conshler her one of tile finest author- ities Oil clothing ill tile soulh. I have worked with Mrs. Barnes and know that during her eight years in Texas that she has outstanding achlevement credited to ller good work. She-Is a graduate of the University of Wiscon- sill at which Institution she taught and wl lhter a county home demonstration agent ill Florida before taking up her duties ill Texns." Baskets Made From Pine Straw University Station. Baton Rouge, AugustO.--l,ong leaf pine needles attd holleysuckle vines are being sent to tile I.ouiiana Stale University from Vernon and De Soto parishes to be used ill giving demonstrations Ill bas- ket making during the annual boys and girls short Course to be held on tile old campus AUgust 15-20, Miss Stella Jones, and Miss Tom Bourg, home demonstration agents in the parishes of Vernon and De Rote, respectively, lmd their club children to coll(t tile needles and honeysuckle vines for this purpose. Mrs. Mary Site (leql, forulcrly dis- trict home delnonstration agent in ltuisiaha, will conduct tile demonstra- tion wilicll will emphasize the utilize- don of products at home. This phase of home demonstration work has prov- ed very popular with the girl eluh ulenlil'S and those who have COlleen- , rated their efforts along this line have fonnd that basket making Is profitable. One county in Alabama sold over $800 ,Jr baskets last year made from the lloneysuckle. I Farm Problems Put on Air The two men plot.re_red above, m* aeelAY engrossed in tile cotton boll, ire. left to right. Ilarvey M, MneQuIs- Ion and Adaius Colhoun who conduct the Farul QileStlon l  ,wer WFAA. the l,alhls Xews-Seur.'- . ,ebuck Radio |teflon. every Wednesday lnn. q'his hroad,.ast Is a vtry Interest- Ing one, u,nde doubly so by the fact that b.)th illt, il have a tborongh work- lng kmwledge of agriculture In thin ttection of the country. The Ilstenel #end hi. t:wln prllblem to the radio ttatbm where riley are analyzed and Inswered over the air or hy persnnnt letter. Questlolls im all eoneeivable ilubJects pour Into the radio station as result of this hroadcat and there Is to Mlq eaee on .reeerd whe the answer Was noli enthly sutlt,.ctol, The ahllltles of the two men can best be sUlnll|ed up In a recount of their experience. Mr. Mact]u|ton wall six years In charge of s rubber and coffee plantation in Mexico After this he opelted u large rice and ,q,t- ton plantathm in 8outh Tex and was In the dairy business In east Tex- ae well. At this thne he owns and operates a l.l-arre farm in south Texas attd |$ In constant tnucb with current farla practices, bit Colbollll. aithouli he has been off the farln or many years. |I famlilar with mtmy phases of sgriculture. He was b.rn and ,alod on s onthrn fnrm en8 spent t,,,mt7 years o[ ht llIe Ill te firm" acid. Election Proclamation Ih)nahlsonville l.a July 2S. 1927.-- I'ursuallt to a resollllion ad,tpted It)" the ldice jnry of the parish of As(nsion, state of Lnu|slana. as the governinl anthority of Rend l}lslrict No. 3. of tile parish of Ascension. stale of Loulsiaml. at a meeting held at the Courtlfouse at I)onuklsonviile. Ln.. on Friday, July 8, 1927. I. M. S. EBY. President of tile police jury of tile llarish of Ascension. Loudsiana. the govermng autliority of mild Road Dis- trier No. 3. of the parish of Ascension. Louisiana. by virture of the authority ill me veted and in obedience to and in contpliance with said ordillance, do hereby proclailn that n Special Election will be held of the proluerty tax payerz, qualified under tile Constitution and Laws of lhe slate of Lollisiana. to vole at said election ill ltoad District No. "l of the parish of Ascension, Louisinna on, II F,, DAY. SEPTEMBER 6. 1927, bot%veen |lie hours of 7 o'eh,ck a, m. and 6 o'clock p. m. for tile purpose of obtaining the selfse of the prollerly tax- lmyers entitled to vote on the follow- lug proposition : to-wit : "'To authorize the police jury of the lmrish of Asceiision, slate of Louisialla for attd on belialf of Road District No. 3, to levy and collect a special tax of two (2) ndlls on the dollar on all prol)'t y subject to taxation within tile limits of said Road District No. 3, of the parish of A..'ension. for the purImse of Construcling, Maintaining, Erect ing, hnproving and Building the II Ihltllc Roads as now Constructed In )uid Road District or here- af/er to be Construcled therein, said tax to be levied for a period of five |5) years." For tile Iim'pose of said election, att(I in accordance with said resolution, the polling place is hereby designated as follows : At the WOODMEN HALL, at GON- Z&LES, said polling place being ill the par/sh of Ascension, Louisiana, and within the limits of said Road Dis- trict No. 3. Messrs. Lure Fieklln, Prudent Bour- que aml V. P. Mire are hereby appoint- ed Commissioners and 9. L. Barman as ('lerk to serve at said IVoodmen llall Imll at Gonzales. The lmlling lllace herein designated I./ng situated wlthhl tile limits of sam Road District No. 3, of the par|sh of Ascension. I,oulslana. and all of 8aid Commissioners and Clerks of Election hall serve without compensation, and . aid Special Election shall be conduct- ed under and by virture of the laws of ,-he state of Louisiana. 1 do further proclahn and give notice :hat al I2 o'clock noon on Thursday. +epteniber 8, 1927. this police jury, as ,he governing authority of said Road l)istrlet No. 3, of the parish of Ascen- -ion Louisiana, shall meet at the court- house ill Donaldsonville, lmrish ot l Ascension, Louisiana, and In open t ession, lU'Ot'eed to open the ballot Imx, exanline and count the balhtts, both as I lo nunltr and nluount, and exalnine and canvass the I'elUI'llS, and declare Idle result of snid ele(tion, whlvh re+ nlls shall I l)ronlnlgated by OIle puiflication in the official journal ot file parish of Ascension. 31. ,', EBY, President: Police Jury. W. K. GIIEMILLION, ecretary. IXm't forget the Base Ball game to- ulorrow at the local bali park. uckey Parish Will get Cattlel Fifty pure bred Jersey cattle will giwql to the parish that has done the most toward tick eradication atnl rehabiliation, on August 18. the last day of the Farmers' and Homemakers' we@k at the university. Many dairy experts, including former Gov. John M. Parker, are on the program for that day, whh'h will be marked by talks on tick eradication and no-fence law. Anlong thoe who wilI attend are tIugh G. Van Pelt of Chicago, J. H. 31eClats of the bureau of dairying at Wa+hhigton. D. C. ('has. Houlton of Uneedus, I,a.. A. H. Ilend#l'son, H. II. Parrish, Lincoln parish, eounty agent. L. Carrel Root, secretary of the agri- culm'al bureau of the New Orleans a " ,,,n t atta001 tllll fl;. m..,e"., Dr. Naah 12tit- [llM ot I)t an4 0tiers. Sixbig.Da00stor Good Speakers Club Members Legion Convention Louisinna 4-I! (dub boys and girls are going to liave six big days of dt- re,.led w.rk and play and ample out+ side entertainnleut at the Annua| t-lhort Course to lie held on the old campus of LouiMana State University, August 15- 20 predicl 1V, ('. Abott. state clllb leader and Miss Mary Jessie Stone. state honle dealonstration agent in charge. Tile boys will I)e housed in the Ills- toric Pentagon buihlings that were ori- ginally tlsed to store alnnlunitbn and iis qtlarlel'S fill" soldiers of the U. N. Arnly and whicil have since nntll 1925 served llS dol'nlitol'ie for llo3's atlend- ink /.+ S. 17. l{ecent|y thee barracks were, used Io house viclilns of Ihe Mis- sissillpi fh,od walers frola l{ltyou des G/alses. 'l'he girls will use the wonlen's din'- milol'y which I,. S. U. colls occupied A brilliant array of Slmakt' will addrtts the Louisians lhqlartnlent of the Anlerican Legion at its antniai con- vention in ,.l'bl.eVelU.t. August lld-2tt inclusive, according to annoulfl,enlenl made by the ltrogram conlnlittee. (Jellera[ Paul 11, MtlOlle. conunand- illg general of the FouTth Corps Area Roland B. tIowells of Bat..n l{otlge, a representative of National (7olnnn.n- der lioward P. Savage. and Mayor Lee Enmlet Thomas of Shreveport will lie arming lhe Slleakrs kit the ('lrIIVelt- lion. llovernor tL II. F, hnllSOll has al- o been invited hi speak. Businest4 sessions tluring tile llorn- Ings of the t]lree days of the convtll- ties will be |s',,ken <hiring tbc after- IIOOIIS and eveliillgS lly recl'e,tliolUl[ and social scllvities. ()n |l|e IlflCl'Hoon Of TI.ulrsday, Allg. for Illll flrsl tinle session. There In a IS. followlnIL the oi,enilg lul,ltttess ses- i.afcterin ill lhe firsl fh,r of this buihl-, ,dlml dul'ltlg lhe nlornllig there will lit, ing whivh will furnish tile girls and im.vs wi|h well balanced nwnls at nomi- lial lu'icem dUl'itlg tile short course. The ltl'Ogrltln includes contests in lock judging, corn judging : denlonslr:i dons in all agr|cultural practices ; poul- iry; henllh for Ill(' boys and for the girls contests ill roll Inaktng; cannin and clothing. T here will be tem dem- onstralions in rug making, rug /ean- ltIg ; renovation of furiitnre : poultry ireaIlnenl  and conlrol Of diseases : bread lnaking ; painting, etc, A luorning asseinttly will lie hchl each day in Gnrig hall whicll will be followed by educational tours, swiming in tbe city natatorium and other athle- tic activities, q'h contests aml dem- onstration will be nlen IO the public and they are expel'ted to attract large crowds, says those ill (:barge. Bibll 1,000 Yiars Old Parts of a hand-written llebre Bible mild to be more than 1,000 year old have been discovered In the Jew lsh ynagogue of Buchara, a,town tll the Russian province of Georgia, ac cording to reports from Leningrad. Out el thl Blul "Did you take your honeymoon trip on an airplane, as yuu lntendedT" "No; but I eanle down frnm the clouds shortly after the eeremony."-- Boston Transcript. Hlartltsg Judgment Artlst--I have no other Interestt | am wedded to my art. C, rltle--Must have been It tme.ret mantis ge. --('a pper' Weekly. Homemakers Short Course August 1.5-18 The fact that two outstanding autho- rltie. on da|rying, two men whosc I nIlnles IIl'e indelibly rec,r<led w|lil uulny of I]147 acbievennPnts lilollg rids line of alrit.ullure, will lnke iwontintq|l part on the hig dniry progranl during tile Fal'inerN' nnd IIomenlakers' Short ('ourse at the Iluisiana State Univer+ nit.+-, Augnt 15-18. is attracting ninny persons interested in this Industry to attend this short e, mrse. stlys lhe dairy apecialists of the Loaisiana State Uni- versity Extenshm l)ivlsion. Timv/ two dairy leaders, llugh G. Van Pelt and J. II. McClatn need no introduc- tion IO the farnl folks of Louisiana, they say. ltt,ently Mr. Van Pelt visited Ilttl. siatla to assist the lll.Olnoters wlth tbt, fornlulathlg of plans for tile dairy pnr[ of llle S]lot't COUr,P pro!gl'anl. Mr. Vsn Pvlt will relurn tO tlil, state Ii, talk on "A 'Well 1)evehtlld ysteln llt lliverMfled Agriculture Will Insure Proslerlly for Louisiana" and lie will delnOllstrate "HOW to Select attd Feed tin, Dairy Cow." Mr. McClain who has been doin dah'y extension work in the milith for tile pasl seYeltte$11 years gild wile 1 really reslvonnlble air tile great strides dairying Is lnaldng lu this ectioa at the present time will talk on -Prgree and Development of I)alrytt!g in the Ioutliern States." aml "Methods of Marketing tile l reductions of a Dairy Herd attd the &dvantages of Selling to Milk Plants, Creamelles, Condenseis or Chee Factories,' a hand concert anll a llasolntll gllinll at Hiedaharn Park. the '/'exus Leagu, turk. and that uigitt awah, rlwelon fen tival and danee will be held at Fairy. land park. a local l'eort. I(dlowing l'l'idl ilorning's biistie., ,eMon there will be goif tournanielit. nt the three local courses with all nulo llobile tour and concert for those who do follow the past iinie. Friday aigth he (Toniniander's hall will be given itli tile roof of ltot Youree. Folblwhig liie conchnling day's Itnst- nes ses,ion aturday nlornlng tht afternoon will be devoted IO golf with dancing that nlgtit In lilt' Tcrranee Gardens of the tVashlngton IIotel. Base Ball here Sunday Evening Tomorrow evening the local ball elub will cross bats with the fast Com- munity Coffee Clutl of Baton Rouge. The batteries for Coffee Co. will be Morvant and Long; Gonzales will have Robert and Heb't. FRANCHISE IS GRANTED TO LA. PUBIJC UTILITIIS, INC. At an eh'tion of tile citizens of the Villal.e of mzales held here Tburs- day a franchise was granted to the La, Utilities Co. lo furnish electric light and power to the village. Tile election was unanilnons.  votes being casted in favor of the liropltsition. IT'S A BOY Born ro Mr. and Mrs. Luclvn Bertean tf Gonzules, on bl'iday morning a bounl. ing bahy boy. Both inother and baby :ire doing fine. Legion Convent:on August 18-20 ShreveltOrl, l.a, Ang. 12.---S. t'. "'Flslt ('r<a,kett of .l+)n tgolnery, Ala lallll,'l. C, tlnducleur 'allonal of liie Forty and Eigilt, the play organizatiou of tile American Legion. will attend the Grande Prllnlenade of the Voyageurs Io be held in_.irevellorl. AI/X. 18+L, inclusive concurrtnlly wtiii iile depart- uient convention of lhe American Le- ion lind Ihe Anierlcan Leion Auxili- .1 l'y. Mr, Crockett will represent Chief i le Chelnin de Fer Charles A. Mills ot ilte Forty and l]lght who could Ilot lie llresent. A ,,qdelnlld llrogranl of entertainment iias liven in'ov|ihi for tile vo.vagour,  :is well lis flit, all olher leglonah'es and lnemilers of ihe auxiliary who atlentl he eon venlilln, Slaie (;ommander Dan IV. Siuirlock of the legion lias arranged ihe pro- gram of lhe. con,,,llition so that the :;esslon of lhc legion, the auxiIlary and ,lie Fttrty and eig'ht do not conflict and all voyageurs will be able to attend all se,'.lions nf the h,glon and of La oeiete des 40 Ilommes at i Chavaux. Iteadquarters of the voyageure will be at the Hotel Youroe and aull tirellaratlon, have bean l! I tmre for all visitiug m eItlu. The prolqe!!aI. IIside fronl other 0n- tertal.!ltlte.!t i l'tttlres, Wil| e the inl- tatton of a large crowd of neophytes called, in the parlance of La 8octete, P. G. 'a (Poor Goofs.} NO Regular Meeting Chamber 1)onahlsonvllle. ll. Ang. 9, The regular molithly luoeting of Ascension llarlsh (hamtr of uterce was held Monday evening, . at the courtlanise. Routine were r.eived and act.epted. Plans were formulated to have inouthly luncheon t,f the business men. The first luncheon IN iiropusl for &ullf. 22, at which it Is planned to take one hour for meat and at the first nmet- ing tit perfect plans for DonaldsonvUle l)ay at the South I.ouisian ."  J The Secretary was instr/t in touch with the State tIigayConi. nil.qsion relallve to getthlg a brldg0 acrols tile Bayon Lafourciie lhat would serve ihat part of town near the Texas and Pacific track. Judge (7. T. XVorthala was nppolnted l'halrnlan ,if lhc t'onnnlttee Ill, take up the l,llice Jury of Ascenshln and A,suniplhln parish the queMhtn of ilorlelllIlg and making UiOl,e dh'eet th# rl4ad belwcen Donahlsonvllle and Plat- tenvl'llc, Shlney Miirchand wns ltlilittlitt- cd clitili'llnli of auotiler conuulltee to *eke np the question of a similar lm- provelni,nl on tile road lo aleshurg. J. I. Liilselunlt was added io the %Vaterways c,niniiltee nlaking tile per- ,ttliliet. J. B. Martin. Percy LIradlord and Mr. Ltlisconih. The question of all incinerator and sewaerage wan deffered for the aexi lUtting. Farm Exhibts South La. Fair : / Through tile efforts of Congressman llolivar Ketnp, the South Louisiana Fah' has obtained the cmsent (if tim U. ,'4. liepartnient of Agriculture to send one of their most Interesting and instructive exhibtts to the coming fair - - at I)onaldsonvllle. October 1B to 23. Thin exhibit is in three parts. Th@ / first Imrt represents a datry farm In tile primitive stage, with rail fences, a half dozen cows, some frizzled chickens and razor back hogs, aa old hor ,- drawn wagnn and an unlminted farm IHtUSC. The second stage shows tli farm mnrh lniprovt|, a ltter grade Of dah'y (,ows. g, ,o,l fences green tmstures, an aUiOluoblh; loaded with hay, a good fhlck of chickens, fat hogs and a re- Sl,etable hJoklng habitation for the tarluer. + The third stage shows the perfect diry farla after the farmers has for lowed scientific methods, with nicety .minted barns and fences, alI stock In he finest condition, an auto ,truck i family automobile. :'atlng progress and This exhibit will be i ihqiilinstrattlr from the U. $. aenr of Agrienlture at Washington xill occupy 11:,) square feet of qaiee in the Agriealture )it + Sonrh Louisiana Fair with ,le of 100 feet. In view of lhe gonerai I,oiilslnnl] lind Ihe enlh'e ,iwiirds diversifkathui of farm vlili SlieeIlll elnPhaals oa the 1 ,,ill' anil its conuiiltants hi#ns .lOgS, the above exhibit will prove ol veclal Interest to fair vllttont thtl .'oar. -M,deru Fa | ruing, the only uutgazine llublished In fterlng all attractlve ladiea watch lO he awarded to the scoring honie demonstration he first annual Farm and ,nistrailon agents' Pnbllelty which will cullnlnate With a t play during the annual F'arn.#rs' and tllnneulakers' Week to lue held at I,<i|tisiana State University Atlgn I i. Oilier llrlzes hnqmltng a lltnlta: hiving eUl i donaled liy the 'L'lnlt rune and a uian' Wrist Watch hy iireveport Jotlrtial. M. G. of tile departmeltt of Jouraallin, and . 3a. ltull, lnnlculturlst, will serve iudges, i Th|s clinics! marks tile fire t tt kttld to lit' held in Limisiana mid tWmXt of tWll contests tO hiE" hId in fhe tontllt Acclrding to the Affrlcultural who are I|iunsoriiig Cqltlt has stitatllaled a great intere,,t and hMs ltrnved to L an 1 (ntive fur the agents' cheek|rig amount of publicity that thei receiving. Ia addithni to the and practical prizes, blue rtbirons will  plaeml #coring ellAta,'